Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowering Night 2012!

It's back again for this year!

Also, I'm back. Procrastination + laziness + feeble attempt to do some work = inactivity. 

The official site, but I think most have seen it already. 

Well, what else can I say about the lineup, other than the absent of CROW'SCLAW from the lineup (last time we seen Taka and co was 2009, and you can't find that recording anywhere now), and the exclusion of longtime favourite Sekken-Ya and Cool&Create? 

In the absence of the latter two, we get newcomer Unlucky Morpheus, Yuuhei Satellite and TaNaBaTa. Which is pretty cool I guess; at least there's the representative of Touhou metal this time around. Also, I don't think I've ever seen TaNaBaTa performing live anywhere else before; let's see how they'd fare. 

The sound of things to come

The circles I'm looking forward to? 

...Which is half of the whole lineup, hmm. And it seems I'm more looking forward to 2nd Day (tho the awesomeness of both Unlucky Morpheus and Buta Otome are not to be missed)

Ah, no, I wish I'm posting this somewhere in Japan, but for ol' me, it'd mean skulking in front of my laptop for live streaming. I can only hope a stable internet connection on the day itself (and a window of opportunity before people start to be booted off the streaming, hurr). 

Oh yeah, also it looks like there's the Team Reimu VS Team Sanae theme going on for this concert. Seems like I'm more towards Sanae hahaha. 

Roll on, weekend~



    (oh how i wish i could shout that out)

    1. fi-fy! Ranko! Gogorot! Uwaoowahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh