About this guy


Greetings, and welcome to this humble blog! You might know me from various other online pages as either Faiz Faults or Faults no Faulty. I commend your effort to browse this little page on some obligatory public information about myself, ahah.

I'm a 20 something who's currently pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of geology, aiming for the position of teaching (not so much interested in academia, if I were to be honest with myself). I'm using the blog to channel my interest in writing, and I shall be jotting down some random thoughts, observations, comments and the likes on a few topics that interest me such as (but not limited to):

-Anime/manga/game culture
-Touhou Project
-Education & teaching
-Human behaviour

as well as everything in between. I try to write regularly to keep myself sharp and my mind running, and as such sometimes I would throw in short posts on random musing or ranting (because even these are good exercises). Again, thank you for dropping by to this page, as well as this blog - and I hope you'll continue to stick by if you found anything that fancy you amongst the rambling.

Should you feel the need to contact or establish an online presence connect with me, you're free to check out:
Twitter: @faizfault
Facebook: Faiz Faults (I won't accept random add: so some introduction message would be nice, ok?)
deviantart: hahamampus (currently inactive: used mostly to keep up with other's work)

For staying on for so long, Yuuka will now reward you with a tasty punishment! (just kidding )